July Essential Rewards/One Time Order

ER Orders and One Time Orders 300 PVRetail value: $290.13VALOR essential oil blend, 15 ml Embrace new challenges. Combine Valor with V-6′ and rub onto your neck when you need a confidence boost. Make mornings awesome. Jump-start a bus!d da!d with Valor’s calming, uplifting aroma EGYPTIAN GOLD essential oil blend, 5 ml Take a break.Continue reading “July Essential Rewards/One Time Order”

Back In Stock Wednesday

Young Living is bringing back some favorites today! These products will be available for purchase around 12p mt, on Wednesday, June 10, and all products will be live by 1p, mt.Sway: https://sway.office.com/sFatbnDLDtKT7fUa// Lavender Foaming Hand Soap Item No.: 4430Wholesale Price: $11.75PV: 11.75No limit; Shop and Essential Rewards Thieves® Home Cleaning Kitchen Item No.: 20421Wholesale Price:Continue reading “Back In Stock Wednesday”

Happy May

MAY PROMOTIONS! Let May be the month of loving the skin you’re in! Place your qualifying order and get a Charcoal Bar Soap to purify your skin without stripping it of needed oils. With skin looking so good, don’t forget about your hair! Let your locks down and show off that shine by adding PatchouliContinue reading “Happy May”

21 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil

Easy peasy lemon squeezy: 21 uses for Lemon essential oil When your kitchen smells like the ghost of dinners past, you diffuse Lemon. When a child’s sticker leaves residue on your car window, you defy it with Lemon. When you need a little more spring in your step, you dilute Lemon with V-6™ and dab it on yourContinue reading “21 Uses for Lemon Essential Oil”

Rock Your World With Young Living’s Essential Oils.

Happy Spring! On the fence about becoming a member? Young Living’s  Premium Starter Kit with the Desert Mist diffuser, one of my favorite’s is on sale. If you’ve ever wondered about how essential oils can help you, now is a great opportunity to do find out! The Premium Starter kit is on sale for $144.Continue reading “Rock Your World With Young Living’s Essential Oils.”

Do Essential Oils Stain

Do essential oils stain? From aromatherapy to workout recovery, you can use essential oils in some pretty cool ways. Geranium reduces the appearance of fine lines, Lemon essential oil is perfect in DIY garbage disposal fresheners, Lavender oil promotes feelings of calm and relaxation, and our VitalityTM essential oils spice up your cooking. Pure essential oils are an important part of any routine, whether you’reContinue reading “Do Essential Oils Stain”

Gary’s Far Flung Adventures

I am honored and humbled to share D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils. In the pursuit of essential oil knowledge and innovation, Gary’s travels became a saga of many dangerous situations, unusual solutions, and determination. That determination took him to Shabwa, the ancient capital city of Queen Sheba, hidden from the worldContinue reading “Gary’s Far Flung Adventures”

Free Oil Samples

Who wants a FREE Sample? I’ve never done this before BUT I’m doing a give-away of 3 samples of my favorite Young Living essential oils. These oils have changed my life! If you’ve never tried them before, now’s your chance. 😏 Who wants to try them? Raise your hand 🙋 in the comments below. ‍👍Continue reading “Free Oil Samples”

Palo Santo-Sacred Wood

octoberpromos ➕Palo Santo (5ml): FREE with your 300pv ER or Quick Order This little bottle of goodness does so many things! It comes from the same botanical family as Frankincense so you know all the reasons why you love frank? You will love Palo Santo for that as well. It is a spiritual and groundingContinue reading “Palo Santo-Sacred Wood”

Thyme- Energy & Clarity

    #octoberpromos Thyme (15 ml): FREE with your 250pv ER or Regular Order Our second Raindrop Oil! If you don’t know how to use the Raindrop oils, watch this short video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8FFL1apAvU&list=PLrZMYeyFzVEp6ltJjuRJAQsU3zycpWfrC) You do not need to know how to give an entire raindrop to use the raindrop oils. Youn can also makeContinue reading “Thyme- Energy & Clarity”

Aroma Ease- Calm & Relaxing

    ➕AromaEase (5ml): FREE with 190pv Essential Rewards or Regular Order This blend has a minty and calming aroma. Adding Orange to this in the diffuser is one of my favorite combos. Apply topically over the tummy for any tummy discomforts. This blend has lots of great oils for the digestive system such asContinue reading “Aroma Ease- Calm & Relaxing”

50 diffuser blends for 50 states

  Have you ever noticed that certain smells remind you of home? From the salty, citrus scents of the California coast to the sweet fragrance of North Carolina’s beaches, we have an essential oil blend for each state in the U.S. Whether you’re at home or far away, enjoy the inviting aroma of your stateContinue reading “50 diffuser blends for 50 states”