Snuggle Up With Cinnamon Bark

Snuggle up with Cinnamon Bark Opening a bottle of Cinnamon Bark essential oil might be the best form of time travel we know. The warm aroma immediately transports you to a night sipping hot cider by the light of a bonfire or a bright Christmas morning, eating a cinnamon roll fresh from the oven. WeContinue reading “Snuggle Up With Cinnamon Bark”

Inner Defense Supplement

Winter crud will be here before we know it. Young Living has many supplements including Inner Defense: What Does Inner Defense Do? According to Young Living, Inner Defense provides the following benefits*: Reinforces your body’s system defenses Promotes a healthy digestive system Creates an unfriendly environment for yeast and fungus Supports healthy respiratory function PromotesContinue reading “Inner Defense Supplement”

Essential Rewards/Monthly Box

  The Essential Rewards Program Make sure you’re never without your must-have Young Living products! Take advantage of the convenience of Essential Rewards, Young Living’s automatic shipment program that delivers your favorite products hassle-free from our door to yours. Available exclusively to Young Living wholesale members, this loyalty program is packed with benefits. Easy MonthlyContinue reading “Essential Rewards/Monthly Box”

Don’t Pass Up This Opportunity

Have not yet had my NingXia Red, but I am SO EXCITED to finally see this OIL BACK IN STOCK!!!! Quick Order or Essential Rewards Order 250pv The NOT IN STOCK and WON’T be in stock until fall/winter this year I would like to introduce RUTAVALA ROLL-ON!!! RutaVaLa Essential Oil Relieves Stress and Nervous TensionContinue reading “Don’t Pass Up This Opportunity”

It’s time to ditch and switch

Who leaves cleaning the bathroom to last on the list? What are you currently using to clean your house? Bathroom? Kitchen? Windows? Floor. When I discovered Thieves Household cleaner, I knew it was time to ditch and switch and not one product at a time, every single chemically filled product went out all at theContinue reading “It’s time to ditch and switch”

Great Way To Start Your Essential Oils Journey

Is today the day you start your new oil journey? Make Up Starter Kit: Young Living’s Savvy Minerals launched Monday. Are you dying to try a kit of our new makeup, but you’re not yet a wholesale member? Well, here’s your chance for just $150.75! Grab your Basic Starter Kit for just $45 which includes:Continue reading “Great Way To Start Your Essential Oils Journey”

Curious How You Can Have Your Own Monthly Box Delivered?

Monthly Essential Rewards and order: Love getting my box and seeing FREE OILS. If your not yet on ER, your missing out on awesome benefits. Each month I add two or three new oils or supplements, this month was Super B, Cool Azul, Highest Potential and Shutran Shave Cream. Super B: Muscles and bones. DietsContinue reading “Curious How You Can Have Your Own Monthly Box Delivered?”

An Average of 80 Chemicals Each Morning.

What if I told you that each morning before breakfast you put on an average of 80 chemicals, from shampoo to skin care products? What if I shared with you, that there are natural options? Would you be interested in knowing more about the options?