A Story That Should Not Be Missed

A Must Read “She has prayed for deliverance from Egypt but perhaps the greatest liberation happens within the heart.” Miriam’s Song, by Jill Eileen Smith is a story about Miriam which follows her from childhood to death. The family knew that Moses was special, but so was Miriam as well. The author did a wonderfulContinue reading “A Story That Should Not Be Missed”

Acceptable Risk

Acceptable Risk is the second book in Lynette Eason’s Danger Never Sleeps. A story about deadly secrets, people willing to risk their life and cover ups. Hang on for a thrilling book. Sarah Denning, a journalist in the military with the Army in the Middle East when she is taken hostage. Former Army Ranger GavinContinue reading “Acceptable Risk”


Patricia Bradley delivers an intriguing romantic thriller with “Standoff,” the first novel in her new Natchez Trace Park Rangers series. Brooke Danvers wants to learn the truth about her father’s suspicious death, but she’ll need the help of Luke Fereday–a National Park Ranger and her ex-boyfriend. Keeping Brooke safe will take all of Luke’s skills,Continue reading “StandOff”

Chasing The White Lion

“Chasing the White Lion” by author James R. Hannibal is a story of twists, turns and mysteries. I did not realize that “The Gryphon Heist” was the first book that I should have read to understand and follow the story line and characters in the second book. This book is not my style of reading,Continue reading “Chasing The White Lion”

A Great Start To A New Series

Ten years after her parents were killed, Evelyn is once more homeless. The orphanage that was her refuge and later her workplace has burned to the ground, and only she and a young orphan girl have escaped. Convinced this must be related to her parents’ murders, Evelyn flees with the girl to Mesquite Springs inContinue reading “A Great Start To A New Series”

The Roll of the Drums

“The Roll of the Drums” is the second book in the series, The Amish of Weaver’s Creek. The author picks up with Gideon Fisher, his wife and four children who are in the process of moving to another community. When they come upon Weaver Creek they see a young women and ask her where theyContinue reading “The Roll of the Drums”

The Sound of Distant Thunder

I was part of a Blind Book Tour and received “The Sound of Distant Thunder” by author Jan Drexler. The sweetness of young love, the conflict and sorrow of the War Between the States, the wisdom of married couples mixed with faith, family and freedom drew me in from page one. Katie Stuckey is inContinue reading “The Sound of Distant Thunder”

One Final Breath

One Final Breath is the third book in the Dive Team Investigations Series by Lynn Blackburn. When investigator Gabe had his cover blown by a reporter, the silver lining was that he wanted  rejoin the dive team, however dive team captain Anissa, a woman who frustrates him. Anissa grew up as a missionary kid onContinue reading “One Final Breath”

Love Changes Everything

This is the purpose of humanity, that we would allow God to make his ultimate point to the world through our lives if we stay obedient to him. We all crave a love that doesn’t fade and doesn’t fail-even when we do. The author used the book of Hosea to show the depth of loveContinue reading “Love Changes Everything”

You Belong With Me

“You Belong With Me” is Tari Faris’ debut novel the first in the Restoring Heritage series. When a business tycoon is determined to raze historic homes in a small town of Heritage, Michigan, and replace them with a strip mall, realtor Hannah resolves to stop him. Hannah applies for a restoration grant that will putContinue reading “You Belong With Me”

Good vs. Evil

The Girl Behind the Red Rope was the first book that I read from the author. I am not sure what I expected and was conflicted. The theme of the book is darkness versus light- we as Christians are the light of the world and darkness can not exist in the light. In a worldContinue reading “Good vs. Evil”

Forged Through Fire

Wow, what a story of redemption, love and forgiveness. “Forged through Fire” is the raw and unvarnished story of a man searching for meaning and answers in the midst of great trials.” Jesus certainly does not promise His followers a life free from trials or pain, but the author’s faith is not in any shapeContinue reading “Forged Through Fire”

Finding Lady Enderly

Not quite a rags to riches story, Raina Bretton is a rag women in London’s east end when a handsome stranger appears in an alley and offer’s her a chance for an adventure. Rothburne Abbey has a unique position for her, one that will take her away from a hard life and give her aContinue reading “Finding Lady Enderly”