Premium Starter Kit

🙂🙂Four years ago I discovered this kit & TODAY thru the 14th, its 10% off! I had been introduced to oils through a very close friend and had been looking for alternative ways to take our wellness back. We had one daughter & was tired of feeling sick all the time. After being confronted onContinue reading “Premium Starter Kit”

MultiGreens- My Favorite Supplement

octoberpromos ➕MultiGreens: FREE with your 300pv ER or Regular Order OMG. Hands down one of my top fave supplements… I can’t even handle it is free this month because I already order this monthly. If you are not on the MultiGreens train – you are missing OUT for real. OK so you want to getContinue reading “MultiGreens- My Favorite Supplement”

In Memory of D. Gary Young

I may not of had the opportunity to physically meet Gary Young, but I meet him each day, each oil drop through the essential oils, the supplements, NingXia Red, Thieves etc. THIS MAN CHANGED MY LIFE! I am humbled and blessed to help continue a legacy that Gary and Mary Young started over 20 yearsContinue reading “In Memory of D. Gary Young”