NingXia Red

NingXia Red® is a delicious superfruit beverage that combines whole Ningxia wolfberry puree; a superfruit blend of blueberry, aronia, cherry, pomegranate, and plum juices; natural stevia extract; grape seed extract; pure vanilla extract; and Orange, Yuzu, Lemon, and Tangerine essential oils. NingXia Red is sweet, tangy, and infused with some of our favorite citrus essentialContinue reading “NingXia Red”

Spring Cleaning

Have you ever wanted to truly own your time—and your life? What if going to work every day was exciting and enjoyable, and you no longer had to wonder how you were going to pay the bills? Young Living’s generous compensation plan gives you the power to take control of your future and build aContinue reading “Spring Cleaning”

Young Living Ranked #1 for Direct Selling

On the fence about joining Young Living or not quite ready, take a minute to read the article. I love my essential oils and would like you to experience the same thing.

Get Started On An Essential Journey Today

Have you been curious about this “essential oils thing”and not sure where to start or what to do with them? Help has arrived. Not only can you cook with them using vitality oils, but you can also add them to your morning routine. You can transition from chemical cleaners to safe, all-natural cleaners. Even yourContinue reading “Get Started On An Essential Journey Today”

Benefits Of Pure Therapeutic Oils

  Curious about essential oils? Socrates once said “The body cannot be cured without regard for the soul”. I had been introduced to essential oils two years ago when my respiratory system was compromised. Benefits of using pure therapeutic oils are: Maintain emotional, spiritual and physical health. Research has proven that essential oils quickly penetrateContinue reading “Benefits Of Pure Therapeutic Oils”

Over 52 references in the Bible

Historical Uses for Frankincense Essential Oil: Frankincense was used in ancient sacrificial ceremonies and rituals because it was believed to help improve communication with God. Uses Frankincense essential oil can be used for topical, aromatic, and internal applications. Frankincense for internal use can be found using Young Living’s Vitality line of essential oils.    Continue reading “Over 52 references in the Bible”