Faith Among The Faithless

In Among the Faithless,” the author writes about the love story of Esther and connects it to the post-Christian world we live in today. Can Christianity survive in a secular age? Can Christians live without compromise in an increasing hostile society? And what if they’ve already given into that society’s vision and value? The authorContinue reading “Faith Among The Faithless”

A Light On The Hill

    I normally do not read Biblical Fiction, but I am now hooked and will be reading every book of Connilyn Cossette’s moving forward. The author is an incredible wordsmith as she weaved individual characters stories in a story that will keep you up well into the night. Although the book is fiction, theContinue reading “A Light On The Hill”


You don’t have to wait until October 24th to read @MarkBatterson new book, WHISPER: HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD. Get a signed, advance copy (plus bookmark) when you pre-order. Details:  #WHISPER The bible comes alive only when we actively obey it. The word of God is as powerful as the four wordsContinue reading “HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD”

A Matter Of Trust-Susan May Warren

A Matter of Trust is the third book in the Montana Rescue series. A definite page turner, packed with action and full of faith. A Matter of Trust focused on Ty and Gage who are part of the PEAK rescue team and in a dire situation in beautiful, snowy Glacier National Park. We are introducedContinue reading “A Matter Of Trust-Susan May Warren”

Freedom’s Ring-Heidi Chiavaroli

  Freedom’s Ring, by Heidi Chiavaroli, is one of those novels that once you start will be hard to put down. Love and forgiveness is a theme throughout the book. A journey into past and present that inspires and encourages the reader. I decided to read Freedom’s Ring because the Boston Bombing in 2015 isContinue reading “Freedom’s Ring-Heidi Chiavaroli”

Convicted-An Amazing Story

Convicted was about two men from two different walks of life, Andrew Collins, a cop who let his ego get to him and operates like the law does not pertain to him and Jameel McGee, an innocent man who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. They both land up in prison andContinue reading “Convicted-An Amazing Story”

With You Always: Jody Hedlund

Being different is sometimes the best thing. Elise Neuman, a poor immigrant and her sisters live at thhe Seventh St. Mission. They lost both their parents and are now homeless. Elise promised her mom that she watch over her siblings and hoping to find a job. Thornton Quincy knows nothing about financial hardships. His dadContinue reading “With You Always: Jody Hedlund”

Jesus Always Forgives Us

A Love So True is beautifully written and reminds us that there is compassion regardless of what others do. This is the second book in the Teaville Moral Society series. I thoughly enjoyed reading the book and found it hard to put down once I started reading it. Evelyn has a huge heart for womenContinue reading “Jesus Always Forgives Us”