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A must read. Heartwrencing. Eye-opener. A Harvest of Thorns reads like it was torn from the latest news headlines. How often do we see tragedy unfold in third world countries at sweat shops where the workers are treated like slaves? Factory workers that make everything we wear for pennies. Factory workers that are in debt to a boss who thinks nothing of raping the girls who work for him.

A Harvest of Thorns highlights Human Rights violations that happen everyday only to fill orders that we the consumer demand. The story line is fictional, but indentured servitude occurs in third world countries. The workers are in debt to the agent who hired them before they start working. They are promised empty promises of a better life. Would you wear your favorite pair of jeans if you knew they were made by a girl under the age 13 for pennies in a factory that did not have the best interest of them in mind. Everything we own is made in less than desireable conditions.

Mr. Addison did an incredible job of bringing to light what the international fashion industry is all about. You will never look at what is in your closet the same again. Materialism has taken over everyone’s lives, just to put other lives in danger.

We all need to start supporting fair trade!




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Of Stillness and Storm is about a missionary couple Laura, Sam and their 13 year old son, Ryan. It took them 10 years to achieve what they thought impossible, a mission trip to Nepal to serve for four years to reach primitive tribes. Upon arriving in Nepal Lauren sees just how primitive life will be.

Sam leaves tem at home dealing with daily realities of living in a third world country. No hot water, power outages and having to find the right spot in the house so they can piggy back off te neighbor’s internet.

This is a raw, intimate story of the toll a long term mission trip can take on a family. Negative consequences that put a marriage in jeporady, and relationships with others in turmoil. After two years, Lauren is still disillusioned and even more isolated. Their son, Ryan, is slowly spiraling into a deep depression.

Sometimes we forget our family to save others. Is Nepal Sam’s calling from God or intentions gone amuck?

Jesus can Heal!! Of Stillness and Storm shows us how real, loving and close God is to us.



Grow deeper in your faith through actions, looking ahead to eternity with Jesus. #wordwriters




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