Ezra and Nehemiah: Rebuilding What’s Ruined, Study Guide with Leader’s Notes (The Gospel-Centered Life in the Bible

Ezra and Nehemiah: Rebuilding What’s Ruined is about the story of the both. How often do we think our life is a mess or are discouraged, just like Ezra and Nehemiah-a ruined city, a ruined church, God is always faithful. He is always with us as we journey back to Him. The author discusses hard topics, but through the study, we learn to turn away from our way’s and run towards God who ultimately is the one who rebuilds and brings new life even through our dark times.

Published by sweets67

I am a full time mom and volunteer with Disaster Relief as Blue Hat/Lead Cook for Mass Feeding. I am a Young Living Essential Oils Dist and love sharing and teaching others how to incorporate oils into everyday life. In my free time I love to read and review books for several Christian publishing companies.

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