A Picture of Hope

About the Book

Author:Liz Tolsma

Genre:Christian Historical Fiction

Book:A Picture of Hope

Release date: October 1, 2021

A Photojournalist Risks Her Life to Save Children. Full of intrigue, adventure, and romance, this new series celebrates the unsung heroes—the heroines of WWII.Journalist Nellie Wilkerson has spent the bulk of the war in London, photographing pilots taking off and landing—and she’s bored. She jumps at the chance to go to France, where the Allied forces recently landed. She enlists Jean-Paul Breslau of the French underground to take her to the front lines. On the journey, they come upon an orphanage where nuns shelter children with disabilities. Can they help save them before the Nazis come to liquidate it.

Jean-Paul shouldn’t have allowed him to come, but they needed every able body to lift the boxes and get rid of any evidence of a drop before the Germans discovered the spot.

“No one’s about.” Henri spoke in a normal tone of voice, though he did slightly slur his words.

Jean-Paul turned and shushed him again. “Don’t get us killed.”

“No problem there, boss.”

Henri was always the troublemaker. The least trustworthy of them all. But Yves had taken sick and Gerard’s wife was about to give birth. Jean-Paul’s hands had been tied. “Stay here. You can be the lookout.”

“Suits me.” Henri slumped against a tree while Jean-Paul, Luc, and Pierre slipped deeper into the woods. It remained to be seen if Henri would even stay conscious much less be an effective lookout. His state of inebriation made a risky mission even more dangerous.

The ground underneath Jean-Paul’s feet rumbled, setting off a rumbling in his chest. The American planes were close. He and his men had to hurry to make it to the clearing in time for the drop. He motioned his companions forward.

Even in the dark he knew these woods like the back of his hand.

Published by sweets67

I am a full time mom and volunteer with Disaster Relief as Blue Hat/Lead Cook for Mass Feeding. I am a Young Living Essential Oils Dist and love sharing and teaching others how to incorporate oils into everyday life. In my free time I love to read and review books for several Christian publishing companies.

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