A Glitter of Gold

Glitter of Gold is the second book in the Georgia Coast romance series. The book takes place in historic Savannah where Anne Norris is looking for a fresh start. Anne has a pirate tour business which is not attracting tourists and is struggling to pay the rent on her apartment. While taking a walk onContinue reading “A Glitter of Gold”

Deadly Intentions

“Deadly Intentions”by Lisa Harris was the first book that I read by the author. From page one I was hooked. Caitlyn Lindsey is convinced that someone is taking out her team one by one. First a research partner and friend was killed in a home invasion, than her boss died in a suspicious car accident,Continue reading “Deadly Intentions”

Something Needs to Change: A Call to Make Your Life Count in a World Of Urgent Need

David Platt was fresh off a trek through some of the highest mountains and remotest villages in the world. While there, he saw firsthand some of the most urgent physical and spiritual needs imaginable. Pastor David was shocked by the needs he encountered, an experience that last a lasting impression on him that changed theContinue reading “Something Needs to Change: A Call to Make Your Life Count in a World Of Urgent Need”

The Killing Tide

What an excellent way to start Dani’s new series, Coastal Guardians. The Killing Tides was a quick read, but full of surprises and suspense. Several things happened throughout the story that I did not expect especially the ending. Will Finn and Harper be able to ignore the sparks between them? Will they be able toContinue reading “The Killing Tide”