Choose A Cleaner Way Of Life

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Many of my friends and family have battled some pretty serious illness these last couple years. I have privately been in conversations with MANY of you…And my heart felt advice for all of the ones I love? … DETOXIFY and choose a cleaner way of life. I choose Plants…. Essential Oils to be precise…and I choose Young Living as my source.

If you are ready to make some serious lifestyle choices for you and your family…I can help you!!

There is a Premium Starter Kit…(a wellness cabinet, if you will) of 11 Essential oils that come as a set…with a beautiful diffuser and thieves home cleaning packets, sample bottles and super food Ningxia Red puree packets….honestly a great assortment of wellness in one kit!

It is $160…but you can get YOUR PSK for $110, $60, $10, or even FREE….Better yet…you can get YOUNG LIVING to pay YOU for signing up! (I like that idea the best!)

Here’s how…..Sign up for your Premium Starter Kit for $160, and IN THE SAME MONTH, sign up your family and friends with a PSK using your member number. For every new member you sign up, you receive $50!
1 new sign up= $50 ; 2=$100 ; 3=$150….and so on…

Then the next month , Young Living will send you a check for however many members you signed up….sign up 4 people and have your PSK paid for and then some extra $$$$ in your pocket!!

Message me for more details or simply click the link and get moving in a healthier direction!


Published by sweets67

I am a full time mom and volunteer with Disaster Relief as Blue Hat/Lead Cook for Mass Feeding. I am a Young Living Essential Oils Dist and love sharing and teaching others how to incorporate oils into everyday life. In my free time I love to read and review books for several Christian publishing companies.

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