The Heart Between Us

The Heart Between Us is a heartwarming story of twin sisters, Megan and Crystal. Born with a weak heart, Megan spent her childhood in and out of hospitals in the mean time, her sister Crystal enjoyed her life, played sports and got all the guys. Crystal is the overachiever sister and feels guilty for havingContinue reading “The Heart Between Us”

Oh, Happy Day!

Oh, Happy Day!!! Have you been sitting on the fence? Young Living is offering this AWESOME, OUT OF THIS WORLD, DO NOT PASS UP this offer. THIS WEEK ONLY, with their already 50% off starter kit ($160 for an oil kit worth over $320) and their essential rewards 50 PV (personal volume) purchase they willContinue reading “Oh, Happy Day!”

Choose A Cleaner Way Of Life

Many of my friends and family have battled some pretty serious illness these last couple years. I have privately been in conversations with MANY of you…And my heart felt advice for all of the ones I love? … DETOXIFY and choose a cleaner way of life. I choose Plants…. Essential Oils to be precise…and IContinue reading “Choose A Cleaner Way Of Life”

What’s In Your April Box?

April Subscription Box(Essential Rewards) Would you like your own MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BOX?? Each month we make big decisions on what we will be placing on our Essential Rewards order from Young Living. This is to help give you idea of products you should have in your order to get your ready for April – The monthContinue reading “What’s In Your April Box?”