Join Me On This Journey

Every once in a while a sale comes along that is too good to not tell your friends.
Like when what is normally $160 for a diffuser and 11 oils becomes $215 for TWO diffusers and THIRTEEN oils. 😳😳😳
Um, if you haven’t jumped on the essential oil train, now is the time.
Oh, did I mention that you also get a lifetime wholesale membership to get products at 24% off foreverrrrrr?! And that your only commitment to keep that membership active is to spend $50 per YEAR?! And that I’ll also outfit you with some awesome books so you’ll know how to use these babies?! And that l’ll add you to my Facebook groups so you can learn in community?!

Ok, that was a lot. Hit me up if you are ready to go on this journey with me.

***when I joined this kit was 7 oils, NO DIFFUSER, and still $150 🙄🙄🙄***

To quote Hamilton:
Alexander- where are you taking me?
Angelica- I’m about to change your life
Alexander- Then by all means, lead the way.

#seriously #dothis #lifechanging


Published by sweets67

I am a full time mom and volunteer with Disaster Relief as Blue Hat/Lead Cook for Mass Feeding. I am a Young Living Essential Oils Dist and love sharing and teaching others how to incorporate oils into everyday life. In my free time I love to read and review books for several Christian publishing companies.

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