Join Me On This Journey

Every once in a while a sale comes along that is too good to not tell your friends. Like when what is normally $160 for a diffuser and 11 oils becomes $215 for TWO diffusers and THIRTEEN oils. 😳😳😳 Um, if you haven’t jumped on the essential oil train, now is the time. Oh, didContinue reading “Join Me On This Journey”

Ms. Dewdrop Diffuser

Check this out!! Look who is on sale, Ms. Dewdrop Diffuser. She will look absolutely beautiful in your home. And she comes with two essential oils. 🚨FLASH SAAAAALE🚨 March 29-31, you can save 15% on the Dewdrop diffuser! Here are a few things you should know: The Dewdrop diffuser promotion begins Thursday, March 29, atContinue reading “Ms. Dewdrop Diffuser”

What Is Einkorn Flour?

Yes, Young Living is a complete life style, from essential oils to supplements to Einkorn flour. The granola makes a perfect snack. What is Einkorn, and how is it different from regular wheat? Einkorn is an ancient heirloom grain that has remained untouched by hybridization. It is the original “staff-of-life” grain, known as the oldestContinue reading “What Is Einkorn Flour?”