250 PV/Essential Rewards Order: 5mL Aromaease Free

250pv REGULAR or ER ORDER AROMAEASE 5mL FREE AromaEase Essential Oil Comforting and Supporting AromaEase essential oil has naturally occurring constituents menthol, l-carvone, zingiberene, linalool, and ocimene. It soothes and calms the body, mind and spirit. This is a very soothing blend especially when diffused and applied to the back of the neck and overContinue reading “250 PV/Essential Rewards Order: 5mL Aromaease Free”

190 PV/ER order: 15mL Cypress Free!!

190pv REGULAR or ER ORDER CYPRESS 15mL FREE! Cypress Essential Oil – Get things Moving! Cypress Essential Oil is beneficial for oily or troubled skin. It is also spiritually grounding and helps us accept change by allowing us to go with the flow and feeling more secure with ourselves. It is also one of theContinue reading “190 PV/ER order: 15mL Cypress Free!!”

190 PV/Essential Rewards: Patchhouli 15mL Free

190pv ESSENTIAL REWARDS PATCHOULI 15mL FREE! Patchouli Not just for Incense Anymore! Patchouli Oil (Patchouly oil or Pachouli) has a sweet and rich aroma that is very supporting to healthy skin. Patchouli supports a healthy digestive system and soothes occasional queasiness*. It may improve the appearance of chapped skin or dry skin; and is anContinue reading “190 PV/Essential Rewards: Patchhouli 15mL Free”

100 PV ER Order: Spearmint Vitality 5mL Free

100pv Essential Rewards order SPEARMINT VITALITY 5mL FREE! Spearmint Vitality Essential Oil Supports Normal Digestion & is a Culinary Delight Spearmint vitality essential oil supports healthy normal digestion and calms tummies* when used internally. With naturally occurring carvone, menthol and limonene, this oil can provide a refreshing addition to water, food or your favorite drink!Continue reading “100 PV ER Order: Spearmint Vitality 5mL Free”